Q2 reports Billings City Administrator Bruce McCandless celebrated his retirement on Thursday afternoon, and will officially retire as the city’s chief administrator today. McCandless has held several jobs with the city over the years and has been the interim city administrator since January. He started as assistant city administrator in 1990, left in 1994 and then returned to Billings in 1998. He began working with the city again in 2000. He has also worked in Kansas, Idaho, Michigan and Colorado. McCandless took the top administrator job last year when his former boss, City Administrator Tina Volek, retired. He’ll be replaced by Chris Kukulski, the former Bozeman city administrator, selected by the Billings City Council this fall. Family, friends and co-workers bid farewell to McCandless Thursday at the Billings Public Library’s Royal Johnson Community Room. Get more online at; KTVQ.com.

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