The Wichita Police Department just had parts of three packets of marijuana stolen from their evidence room. And, thanks to the bite marks the drug-loving thieves left behind, they're pretty sure rodents are behind the brazen robbery.

"We've got some mice that are stoners," Police Lt. Doug Nolte said. "The animals were probably attracted to the scent."

The cannabis was from an arrest the department made in 2009. Not only did the mice eat the pot, but they apparently nested in it for a period of time, fulfilling the dream of many a human marijuana enthusiast.

The authorities took pictures of the scene, just like they would of any crime. They also had their sketch artist render a drawing of what one of the suspect mice may look like.

However the rodents aren't expected to be charged. Instead, an exterminator will be called. (The death penalty is a pretty harsh sentence for Mary Jane use, no?)

To lure these mousy criminals out of their hiding, we'd recommend cheese curls rather than the traditional cheese.

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