A child involved in a sexual molestation case has told Yellowstone County authorities she doesn’t want to be interviewed anymore.  The case comes ahead of the implementation this year of Marsy’s Law, which would allow victims to legally refuse pre-trial interviews.  The alleged victim has already been interviewed three times by prosecutors in both Missoula and Yellowstone counties.


57-year-old truck driver John Fishbaugh stands accused of molestation.  The girl was 9 years old when the alleged crimes occurred in several counties across the state in 2015.  Missoula later dismissed its case and the Yellowstone County office took over the prosecution of Fishbaugh, charging him with sexual intercourse without consent, sexual assault and sexual abuse of children.

On Thursday, Fishbaugh’s Billings defense team argued for the right to speak with the child prior to trial.  Fishbaugh’s Missoula defense attorney already interview the little girl.  He was the third to do so.

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