Missoula County Public Schools officially closed their doors for Summer Break today, Thursday, but according to MCPS Director of Technology and Communication Hatton Littman Big Sky High School will be very busy on Monday.

"On Monday June 15, we will be doing an active shooter drill at Big Sky High School, that is a day when no students will be in or around," Littman said. "There will be police cars, fire trucks and ambulances outside of the school as part of the drill and it is just a training exercise."

The exercise will involve over 50 volunteers in a scenario where an active shooter attempts to attack Big Sky High School with the intent of killing a maximum number of people.

"Law enforcement in the area has essentially coordinated this drill and they have taken every safety precaution," Littman said. "We have volunteers in place that will pretend to be injured individuals, and law enforcement will be practicing how to get to the threat, eliminate the threat, and do any follow-up necessary."

This is the first inter-agency training of its kind for Missoula first responders and has been in planning for over a year. Missoula Police, the sheriff’s department, local and rural fire departments and Missoula Emergency Services will all participate in the training.


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