At around 10:00 p.m. Tuesday night, Missoula police responded to a Missoulian’s complaint that a stranger had broken into his home. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains…

"911 received a call from a homeowner in the 300 block of West Alder Street for a man who apparently wandered into his residence, one report says the man had gone in and fell asleep. The complainant said that they didn't know the man and asked for police assistance in getting the man out of his house."

The sleepy man suspected of being a home invader was later identified as 29-year old Manuel Blaine Fisher. While police were trying to interview Fisher, though, things became violent.

"The officers escorted Mr. Fisher outside and were they were speaking further with him to find out who he was and if he had a right tot be in the residence.  During this field interview,  Mr. Fischer pulled what was described as a boxcutter or a knife out of one of his pockets and attempted to extend the blade toward one of the officers when they tackled him and took him into custody."

Welsh says Fischer was unable to open his knife and that no one was stabbed. Police say Fisher appeared intoxicated during the incident, he now faces a felony charge of Assault With a Weapon.

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