The Great Reset. It's not a conspiracy theory. It is something the radical Left and global elites are actually talking about. Radical Left-wing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talked openly about using COVID-19 to usher in the Great Reset.

Here in Montana, we see the Great Reset in action as foreign billionaires work to kick the ranchers off of the land in order to create their own playground for the elites. During COVID-19, we saw churches being shut down while Planned Parenthood was allowed to keep performing abortions. We saw small mom and pop shops being forced to close down, while large corporately owned stores were allowed to stay open.

What about analyzing the Great Reset from a Biblical standpoint?

For those of you who caught our statewide radio talk show on Monday morning, we aired portions of a sermon delivered by Missoula Pastor Mike McGovern talking about "the Great Reset." He started off in his sermon talking about the Great Reset by saying that he would quote directly from what they are saying.


Pastor Mike McGovern: This is off their page. Because of COVID, we've been able to accelerate and move up our timeline to implement our changes for humanity...

Pastor McGovernor says these are some of the phrases that are actually coming out of the World Economic Forum.

We now have technology that's able to hack the human body, through nanotechnology, and things that can be put in the body to track, troll, trace everything people think do and act, and where they are, and everything. And you'll be safe. And you'll have nothing, but you'll be happy.

Below is video of his full sermon delivered in Billings, Montana at Word of Life Church.


Here is the World Economic Forum's video on The Great Reset from their YouTube page.

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