Missoula police responded to complaints of some odd behavior right after midnight on Wednesday morning in the 700 block of southwest Higgins, not far from the Pattee Creek Market. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

"I caller reported seeing a male and female apparently getting into a vehicle that looked like it had been abandoned at that location," Welsh said. "The officers arrived, observed the woman standing out in front of a business at that location that matched the description given by the complainant. They made contact with her, identified her as 44-year-old Tiffany Randels and learned that she had an outstanding warrant."

Randels’ warrant was for possession of dangerous drugs. When police inspected a bag she was carrying at the jail they found a diverse supply of drugs that led to more charges.

"The officers found that she was also in possession of prescription drugs that she did not have a prescription for," Welsh said. "She also had what appeared to be a small amount of methamphetamine and some drug paraphernalia. She also had some different pouches in this bag that contained other drug paraphenalia, possibly substances related to heroin."

Randels is now facing another felony charge for possession of dangerous drugs as well as a felony for missing her last court appearance and a misdemeanor charge for the drug paraphernalia.

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