The Big Dipper in Missoula, Montana has earned even more kudos. Business Insider has just crowned this famous establishment as the place with the best ice cream in the State of Montana.

Does this surprise anyone?

After all, the local companies sugary sweet summer staple was only just recently featured on Good Morning America, USA Today, and Food and Wine Magazine for being the best at what they serve. Add this nod to their ever growing list off confection accolades as well!

According to Business Insider:

Missoula's Big Dipper ice cream lures in fans of the creamy cold dessert with huckleberry, cardamom, white mint Oreo, and a number of specialty flavors.

Correction. "Luring" in a LONG line of fans is more like it. It never fails, every time we drive by the Big Dipper we see a huge crowd waiting. The secret is out, The Big Dipper is just the best dessert you can get in Montana. We may even go so far as to say...in America!

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