Every Friday, George Blackard with American Legion Post 117 in Billings joins us on the radio. Back in September, he told us how his American Legion Post (I am also a member of this post) was partnering with Montana's Superintendent of Public Instruction to help get an American flag in every classroom in Montana.

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After George talked about it on the radio, one of our listeners hand-delivered a $1,000 donation to the effort. That $1,000 was able to purchase 100 flags for 100 different classrooms.

Here's the update: Post 117 in Billings had been spearheading the effort locally. Now, the effort has not only garnered support from the statewide American Legion, but it was recently recognized nationally by the American Legion national headquarters. Here's an excerpt from the story shared at Legion.org:

Department Commander Jeff Nelson: “As we grew up, we took it for granted that the flag was always in the classroom. In today’s schools, some of those traditions and customs that we’ve had in the past have been neglected, although not intentionally. Not only is it Americanism and patriotism in our classroom, but it’s getting to spread the word of The American Legion – that we’re active in our community and sometimes kids in school are not really aware of what The American Legion is or what a veteran is. So with the Stars and Stripes initiative, we bring that to the forefront along with exposure to The American Legion.


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