In a story from the Billings Gazette, the Montana House has passed a resolution establishing a dress code for legislators and capitol workers. This measure passed along party lines. Do you mean to tell me that not one Democrat is in favor of attire protocol for our legislature?

You would think there would be at least one that believes appearance, presentation, and respect for the office mattered. There is nothing wrong with rules and standards for our leaders. Even schools have some sort of what is allowed and what is not. If what you wear is going to be the deciding factor on if you run for office or not, then you shouldn't run. I don't care what party you're from. You would have thought that the people that wanted everyone to wear masks wouldn't have a problem with outlawing jeans that looked like you were attacked by a bear. It seems like today, anything goes and no one has the right to tell you anything else. No rules, no laws, no constitution, no limits or restrictions. NOTHING. It's a different world out there now, that's for sure. See ya Monday at 5.

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