About a week ago, Billings officially got Uber service up and running.  This year, MontanaFair is taking full advantage and making it easier for people who wish to commute with Uber by offering a dedicated location for pickup and drop off of Uber passengers.

If you're completely new to the concept of ride sharing, think Taxi, without the professional driver or commercial vehicle.  In fact, if you're able to pass their background check and have a later model vehicle that meets all of their requirements, you could probably make some decent money this weekend.

To use the service, download the app to your smart phone and follow the steps to sign up.  Since the service is new in Billings, there are several opportunities to get free ride vouchers (promotional codes).  If you're planning to Uber to MontanaFair, use the promo code Metrapark to get $20 off your first ride (which might cover the entire trip to the fair).

Keep in mind that there is no shuttle from Downtown Billings to the fair this year and that parking can be quite a pain.  Those reasons, plus the $20 discount code might be enough reason for lots of people to give Uber a try this year.

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