After the national average price for gasoline dropped 5.7 cents, one in every five states has at least one gas station selling gas for under $3. Meanwhile, Montana gas prices have fallen 2.9 cents from what they were a month ago.

"Well in Montana in the last week prices have started to decline, or I should say continued to decline ever so slightly, dropping to and average of about $3.59 a gallon," said Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan. "Certainly some good news for motorist ahead of July 4"

With the holiday coming up, and gas prices going down, there will be more motorist on the road. Many wonder if this will drive prices up.

"You know, is this a different kind of week? Sure, a holiday does follow this week, but by and large holidays really don't have a major impact on gasoline prices a majority of the time," said DeHaan. "So prices will likely hold very similar at what they are today for the long weekend."

People traveling outside of Montana can expect different gas prices. For example, gas prices in Wyoming are expected to be lower then they are in Montana.

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