Are you struggling with paying the MT Property Taxes?  Know someone who is?

A new homeowner with entry-level income?  On fixed income getting eaten up with Inflation?  Afraid to lose the home?

The Montana Department of Revenue actually has the Property Tax Assistance Program (PTAP) to lower the amount of tax on a primary residence.

Available for Low-Income Homeowners

So who is eligible?  The absolute ceiling for income qualification is $27,621 gross for a single person and $37,019 for a married couple combined gross or if one files as head of household.  This includes all income sources: Social Security, pensions, side hustles and the like.

The percentage of reduction in the property tax depends on the gross income in that tax filing status.  The lower the income, the greater the reduction percent.

Single                               Married or HOH                           Tax Reduction

$0 to $13,590                    $0 to $18,310                                80%

$13,591 to $18,580           $18,311 to $27,667                       50%

$18,581 to $27,621           $27,668 to $37,019                       30%

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Wow, a Reduction in my Overall Property Tax?

Well, not quite.  The PTAP would apply to only the first $350,000 of the primary residence current market value.  Any value above that will be taxed at current levels.

How long must I live in the home?

This assistance only applies to your primary residence that you lived in seven months or more out of a calendar year.

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The Clock is Ticking.  Deadline is April 15th!

Go to the link here to get the application.

Property Tax Assistance Program Application (Form PTAP) - Montana Department of Revenue (

Fill it out and turn it in.  Any late submissions will be applied to next year's property taxes.

Here's an extra little benefit.  You only have to deliver one form to apply for multiple years.  Next year, as long as you own and live in the home, the Department of Revenue will send you a letter with your PTAP status.

We are at the stage of every dollar counts.  Time spent applying is money saved.

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