MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) — The Red Cross of Montana seeks more drivers to transport donated blood, plasma and platelets.

The organization has set a goal of recruiting 20 more drivers to keep donations moving from donor centers to a testing lab and hospitals.

Donated blood has just 33 hours to make it from donor centers to the Red Cross’ only Montana testing lab in Great Falls, the Missoulian reports.

“Platelets only stay viable for about five days, so there’s always a huge demand for them, whether it’s treating certain diseases or cancers. Red blood cells give you a little more time with three weeks, but there’s always a real need,” donor and volunteer driver Phil Carlos said.

The Red Cross provides training and a vehicle for all potential drivers, who must possess a valid driver’s license, Red Cross spokesman Matt Ochsner said.

Carlos, who’s based in Missoula, said he puts in about four hours on the road every month, carrying about 15 pints (7 liters) of blood every two weeks.

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