A Montana Tech faculty report reveals evidence of systematic academic dishonesty led to the expulsion of 15 students this summer.  According to the report, a group of “organized,” “belligerent cheaters” overwhelmed several classes.  The academic dishonesty which resulted in the expulsions appears to have been far more widespread than previously reported.
Montana Tech professors and proctors were confronted by dozens of out-of-state Middle Eastern students blatantly cheating through a variety of methods, including smuggled cellphones, earpieces, fake calculators, smart watches, hand signals, mass bathroom breaks and at least one diversionary fake fainting episode, according to the report, authored by Montana Tech professors and proctors.  It details the escalation of cheating, culminating in students intimidating and threatening faculty who were teaching engineering courses up to 10 times their typical class size.  Engineering lab director Matt Egloff said the situation escalated as they became more aggressive throughout the summer.

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