I'm trying to understand why...

According to this map, Montana sees LESS unidentified flying objects than anywhere else in the nation. And I just can't help but think that this would be the BEST place to spot them. After all, we do live in 'Big Sky County' and I can attest to the fact that we here in Montana can see the sky for miles, and miles. 

Anyway, this is indeed a fascinating map that overlays blips on the map to indicate the amount of UFO sightings in America.

The cities that have the most sightings -

  • Chicago, IL (99 sightings in 2015)
  • Phoenix, AR. (65 sightings in 2015)

And when it comes to the least -

Pretty much all of Montana

My theory? While, yes, we may live in an area of America that has the best view to spot UFO's, there really aren't that many of us! The population size of Montana might be one of the reasons why there aren't that many reports of flying objects. That, or aliens would just rather visit the big cites.

(See the full map of UFO Sightings)

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