With all the talk about “rigged elections” and voter fraud from a major party candidate this year, Montana voters were unsettled about what happened to their ballots after people going door-to-door offered to deliver them.  More than a dozen people contacted the Missoula elections office, and one resident in Livingston contacted the police.

According to the Secretary of State’s office, the practice is not illegal, but it still left several voters unsettled.  Missoula County elections administrator Rebecca Connors said a few people came in to get replacement ballots Monday morning.  Voters said canvassers came to their door and offered to collect ballots and return them to the elections office on voters’ behalf.
They would then ask for an exit interview about how they voted.  The canvasser would then advocate for candidates they supported.  That left folks wondering if, should they not support the canvassers candidates, would their ballot be delivered?

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