My favorite "gun" word is "pew." Let me use it in a sentence. "A bad man broke into a house that wasn't his and he was met by pew. Followed by several more pews."

Montana House Bill 102 was signed into by Governor Gianforte and it allows for the concealed carry of firearms in our state without having to get the concealed carry permit from your local sheriff's office.

If you're gonna start "packin heat", make sure to read HB 102 so you know where you can and CANNOT have a gun on your person. As I think about this in our state, there will probably be fewer places that prohibit guns than make you mask up.

I read the six-page bill. It's very specific about the places where you can and still can't carry.

A lot of us know the truth around Montana. There are already a lot of guns in purses, cars, and houses. And if you heard what our guest from the D.E.A  had to say about how much violent crime is at an all-time high in our town, you are probably more likely to have a gun handy.

In section 8 of the bill, they spell out the rules for open carry. It's been my experience anytime that I've been around anyone who is wearing a gun, people are always very polite to them.

As Kenny Price sang, "I don't take no lip with this cannon on my hip. I'll tell ya boy, it ain't no toy".

I gotta go write up a new public service announcement that will go something like "Bad guys, we're watching you. Be a good guy or face getting pew, pew, pew."

Catchy. If I put it to music, it would be a hit.

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