According to an analyzed search engine study, researchers have been able to find the strangest Thanksgiving recipes per region throughout America, including the state of Montana. We gotta get the word out about this stuff, viewers! 

Check out the five strangest recipes....

1.  Snicker apple salad is searched for and most popular in South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska. Talk about a delight! It's Snickers candy bars all chopped up along with apples topped with whipped cream.

2.  Frog eye salad . . . you can credit Wyoming, and Colorado for this salad with pasta, fruit, eggs, whipped cream, and marshmallows.

3.  New York have a hankering for stuffed artichokes.

4.  Pumpkin whoopee read that right. It's apparently huge in New Hampshire.  The recipe includes a couple of pumpkin cookies with a cream cheese filling in between.

5. Montana's unusually popular Thanksgiving food. . . it's fruit salad.  Really, Montana? Only fruit?  People in Iowa are blending Snickers bars with whipped cream!