Americans love to eat. And eat they do! The country is vast, and that means a variety of favorites from region to region. Traveling from one end of the country to the other one can experience some amazingly different dishes.

Social media has been keeping their finger on the slowed, artery clogged pulse of our country and Foursquare compiled a list of the most popular chow in each of our Unique States of America.

Analysis by Foursquare revealed what people eat and drink around the country and some states enjoy cuisine you'd expect like crawfish in Louisiana, lobster in Maine.

Minnesotans love something called the "Juicy Lucy Burger", and for some reason the good people of Pennsylvanian prefer Chicken Cheese Steaks over the traditional sandwich made with sliced cow?

And how about Nevada... the favorite nourishing food, providing sustenance to the masses... BOTTLE SERVICE!! Yes! Gotta love Vegas Baby!

Montana has a valuable natural resource that has become a favorite all over the world. Our favorite food? HUCKLEBERRYS of course!

And if you want the best huckleberry pie in the country, stop by LouLa's Cafe in Whitefish, MT. You'll thank me later.



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