I had a couple great emails following our radio show one morning. The listeners asked if I had heard about a doctor from Billings, Montana. The doctor was running for the state senate, but put his campaign on hold so he could help with the coronavirus fight in New York City.

On Wednesday, I caught up with Dr. Scott Price while he was on a brief break from duty at Mount Sinai Hospital in Queens, New York- a hospital that has been hit particularly hard from the coronavirus.

Dr. Price tells us that one reason that hospital in particular has seen high numbers of cases, is because it provides support to a lot of the Uber drivers, taxi drivers, and other workers who serve New York City in a number of capacities and frequently interact with the public.

We also had a caller ask him how coronavirus patients are treated. The caller also wanted to know if hydroxychloroquine was used. Dr. Price says it is being used on a number of patients. He also told me, as we chatted during one of the commercial breaks, that they're using a couple experimental treatments

Full audio of our conversation can be heard by clicking below:

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