Q2 reports that Montana’s top elected officials reacted to President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address, predictably falling mostly along party lines.

Republican Sen. Steve Daines said [quote] “…we heard the President speak of a nation that is strong and secure.” [end quote], while GOP Congressman Greg Gianforte said he agreed with Trump’s assertion that the state of the country’s union is strong, and [quote] “America is special.” [end quote]

Democratic Sen. Jon Tester said he heard some things he liked but lamented lost opportunities, saying [quote] “I’m concerned the President did not once mention our state’s top industries, so I’ll hold him accountable to address the issues facing family farmers and ranchers, and to protect our public lands.” [end quote] Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock warns that Trump’s tax law could pose a threat to the state’s finances.

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