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We last caught up with Dr. Scott Price while he was on a brief break from treating COVID-19 patients at Mount Sinai-Queens hospital in New York. He's not only a doctor from Billings, Montana, but he's also a Republican candidate for state Senate District 25.

When Dr. Price joined us on the show back in the Spring, a caller named Mike from Big Timber asked him a great question: "What are you using to treat COVID patients?" The answer: hydroxychloroquine and a couple of other treatments in particular. That was interesting on a number of fronts, especially considering that the mainstream media was bashing President Trump for recommending something that actual doctors treating COVID-19 patients were using.

Dr. Price is now back in Montana and joined us again on the radio. And, thankfully, Mike in Big Timber called in again. This time Mike asked about schools weighing their options about whether to open or close schools this fall in Montana. Mike asked Dr. Price if he treated any kids while working at the hospital in New York. Dr. Price mentioned that he mostly treats adults, and does not do pediatrics, but when he spent time in the ER he doesn't recall seeing any children, or even teenagers for that matter, being treated for COVID-19.

This is especially interesting in light of the following info according to The Heritage Foundation's Rachel Greszler:

Kids are less likely to contract the virus (in the U.S., children represent about 22% of the population, but only 1.7% of COVID-19 cases), are less likely to spread it to others (a study of 54 Dutch families found no indication of children under 12 transmitting the disease), and are less likely to have severe symptoms if they do contract the virus.

For kids, COVID-19 is far less dangerous than the seasonal flu...But while at-risk adults can take measures to mitigate their risks of COVID-19, children are largely helpless against the harms caused by school closures.

Our full conversation with Dr. Scott Price can be found below in two parts.

Pt. 1:


Pt. 2:

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