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Joe Biden wasn't winning Montana, regardless of how Thursday night's debate played out. But let's be honest, with his debate performance Thursday night, he didn't help himself in places like Pennsylvania either.

Two-thirds of the way through the debate and I would have told you that the interaction of the night was when Trump turned to Biden and said, "Who built the cages, Joe?" He was of course referring to the kids held in cages on the southern border during the Obama/Biden Administration years.

But it was at the end of the debate when Biden was FLAILING (and simply put, lying) on fracking. (Hydraulic fracturing is the proper term for the technology, which combined with horizontal drilling unleashed the domestic energy potential of the Bakken oilfields in Montana and North Dakota, and elsewhere across the country.)

I had some fun live-tweeting the debate while it happened. For those who missed the debate, the whole video is posted below. Here are just some of the tweets I shared Thursday night- find more Twitter.com/aaronflint.








Full video of the debate for those who missed it:

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