The Gazette reports that Greg Doyon, the consensus selection by the city council to be Billings’ next city administrator, has expressed contract expectations which are substantially different from those agreed upon by a Billings city council subcommittee.

Doyon, who is the current Great Falls city manager, wants $170,000 in annual salary from the City Council– $15,000 more than administrator Tina Volek made during her final year leading Montana’s largest city. Volek retired Sept. 30 after 13 years as administrator. He also reportedly wants six weeks of vacation; $12,000 in relocation expenses, including up to six months’ payment for storage space; and the same cost-of-living raise as city employees receive, plus a possible merit raise for himself of up to five percent annually.

On Monday, W.D. Higginbotham of the Mercer group said they objected to some of Doyon’s demands.

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