Did you know that the sport of boxing can be very helpful for Parkinson's patients?

For those of you who missed our live show from Bozeman, we had several great guests join us for Montana Talks LIVE from the GranTree Inn in Bozeman, MT.

One of those guests was Norm Dreyer. Norm owns First Choice Home Health in Bozeman. When he turned 60 years old, he found out that he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. That's what led him to Rock Steady Boxing- boxing gyms specifically designed to help Parkinson's patients.

Norm is now helping others who struggle with Parkinson's and has opened his own Rock Steady Boxing gym inside of the Fuel Fitness in Bozeman.  How does boxing help Parkinson's patients, and what other Rock Steady locations are in Montana? Find out all that and more by listening to the show below.


Aaron Flint
Courtesy Fuel Fitness Bozeman Facebook page screenshot

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