A new cancer resource guide is being released for Missoula, Mineral, and Ravalli counties. Diana Reetz-Stacey of the Missoula City Council Health Department and the Montana Cancer Control Program explains how to use this new resource.

"Typing in cancerresourcesmt.org will bring up the website, and then the state map will come up," said Reetz-Stacey. "People can click on region two that shows the Missoula, Mineral, and Ravalli counties, and then 14 different sections of different topics will come up"

The new guide takes a unique approach to helping connect people who are fighting cancer to the resources available for them in Montana. Reetz-Stacey says that for too long only specialists and a few interested parties had a full grasp of how many resources were available. The team that compiled them all was surprised at the final totals.

"Well our resource guide is 64 pages long, so we were amazed," said Reetz-Stacey. "There is an amazing amount of resources, the A-Z index alone is about two and a half pages long and a double column, so there are a lot. The financial resource section is much longer then we thought it would be."

The new guide is a pilot resource and will continue to be updated until it becomes a guide for the entire state of Montana.

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