Any kind of new construction is going to be an exciting and stressful project. The physical materialization of an idea is invigorating and thinking about all of the events and memories that will happen in that new structure can help to keep the stress at bay.

However, whether it's a new home, commercial building, or addition, the worry that something may go wrong never goes away and trusting your contractor and sub-contractors is crucial. This includes the plumbing company hired for the job. Along with things like the foundation and electricity, properly and professionally installed plumbing is essential to the overall success and stability of the project.

With new construction projects, there are always strict building codes and regulations that must be adhered to. These codes vary depending on the type of building that is being constructed, and commercial projects have codes that are much more strict than residential. It is important that the plumber hired for your new construction project is familiar with all of the codes specific to your type of construction project and words hard to abide by them.

Once the project is completed, if the plumbing does not pass inspection because a code has been missed or ignored by the plumber, your project will not be able to move forward leaving you behind schedule and over budget.

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