Alright. Now that we know who had sex with who...can we move on to some more important business?

Look, I'm not going to knock any news outlets for filing suit to get access to public information, but here's my question: if you were willing to file a lawsuit to find out which Billings police officers had sex on the job (or on city property), why not file a lawsuit to find out why $3 million in state settlements have been paid out by state government?

(I do give credit to The Missoulian for at least writing an editorial on this topic, though)

I confirmed with State Senate President Fred Thomas (R-Stevensville) that lawmakers have still not received any details from the Bullock Administration when it comes to settlement payments.

I didn't hear any Democratic lawmakers rise to the defense of the Billings police officers, but for some reason they are boycotting a legislative panel tasked with investigating state settlement payments. One guy showed up, but he said he simply showed up to "keep tabs on the Republicans."  I guess we shouldn't expect him to keep tabs on how taxpayer money is spent.

Was the battle to find out which police officers got disciplined for having sex on duty merely about seeking "tawdry details," or was it a battle over public information? It may not be as sexy as, well...a sex story, but let's hope a story about $3 million in taxpayer money gets the attention it deserves.

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