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I remember voting in my first election. It was pretty easy. You had to be 18, a U.S. citizen and had to vote between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. on election day. The end. Pretty simple. Now there's absentee voting, all mail-in voting, partial mail-in voting, drop off boxes, early in-person voting three weeks before, drive-thru voting, ballot collectors, same-day registration with voting. It's crazy, and no matter who you vote for, it's a mess. This opened up the door for all types of voter fraud. Advocates say we need to make sure every vote is counted. Counting them once would be nice and voting on one day worked well for 200 plus years. We never had challenges to the credibility of the election until we opened up so many ways to do it. Absentee should be available by REQUEST for some circumstances but if you want to eliminate corruption, the fewer hands that touch your ballot, and one voting day, the better. See ya tomorrow at 5.

Billings 2020 Parade of Homes

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