Part two of “The Man Who Killed Usama bin Laden” concluded Wednesday night with former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill revealing to viewers how it was “just luck” he was the man to kill bin Laden.

The episode began with O’Neill explaining landing procedures, entry into bin Laden’s hideaway, and tactics that advanced each SEAL member to the next floor. On the second floor, O’Neill and his team ran into bin Laden’s son Khalid. With analysts help, the team knew bin Laden, as well as a few of his wives and daughters, were on the third floor.

"He started to talk a little bit, saying something about suicide vests, the women are doing stuff, and we need to get up there," O'Neill said. "The more he, didn't get excited, but the more he made it known that it's time to go, because he had already taken a shot up the stairs."

O’Neill said he became the second man in line based on tactics and how the mission worked out as they continued up the stairs. O’Neill says the first man in line tackled bin Laden’s wives and daughters as they reached the third floor, which gave O’Neill a shot at the target to his right.

"I just walked in, saw him, and shot him," O'Neill said. "He was a threat. He had to be wearing a suicide vest, that's a threat. I'm within my rules of engagement, he's not  surrendering. You know, the two shots are going to be just quick: bap bap. And then the third shot is just however long it takes a person to fall on the floor. So I was standing above him when he took his last breath and I heard it audibly. We met for a second...That's it."

O’Neill’s interview with Fox News’ Peter Doocy began Tuesday.

Make sure to tune in to Talk Back Monday morning when O'Neill calls in to talk with Peter and Jon about his endeavors.

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