A letter to Montana college students from the College Democrats of America sent on October 30 castigates students who vote for Republican candidates.

The letter states categorically that a college student voting Republican is ‘absolutely unacceptable.’

Unfortunately, we’ve received news that there is a good portion of you not taking seriously enough the stakes in this election. Worse yet, early voting polls indicate that a healthy percentage of young, college educated adults are in fact voting for Republican candidates. This behavior is absolutely unacceptable.’

Another excerpt of the letter mocks students for being lazy and not willing to get out and vote.

So, put down the pizza, beer and video games, get your butts off the sofa and bean bags, grab as many of your classmates as you can find and go vote for Democrat candidates.’

The letter goes on to denigrate President Trump and the economic success his administration has achieved, stating that ‘all the Republicans have to offer is a strong economy. Such is not a compelling reason for voting Republican, after all. You are students, not entrepreneurs.’

The recipient of the letter claimed that ‘every student on campus received the letter’, however, UM Communications Director Paula Short said no one has asked for permission to send any such letter to the entire UM student body.

Short said the only official message from UM was to simply encourage students to vote.

Read the entire letter from College Democrats of America below.

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