The Billings Phillips 66 refinery is about to shut down in preparation for major maintenance, renovations and improvements, including the addition of a process to enable more heavy crude oil production.  The Billings Gazette reports that the overhaul, known as a “turnaround,” occurs every five years, and the total number of employees and contractors on site this year will be about 2,500 people during its peak, according to Ryan Wegner, the refinery’s finance and public affairs manager.
Wegner said on Wednesday that Phillips 66 is spending several hundred million dollars on the turnaround.  The gradual plant shutdown began on April 15, with total shut down by the beginning of May, and the turnaround will take approximately 56 days.  The refinery is scheduled to be back online by June. It includes Phillips’ Vacuum Improvement Project, which began in 2015.

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