A little more than a week after the decision against the T.J. McDermott for Sheriff Campaign, Montana Political Practices Commissioner Jonathan Motl has issued another big decision stemming from a Missoula Primary race.

Motl released  his decision against Justice of the Peace candidate Marie Anderson on Thursday, October 16, and to the general public on Friday.

"It is a more serious violation than that involved in the McDermott campaign," Motl said. "What the decision found is that the candidate presented a low budget, $2,000 expenditure in the primary campaign that consisted of yard signs and door-to-door knocking, when in fact, what the candidate participated in was a large-scale direct mail campaign that was self-funded."

Like the McDermott decision, the Anderson decision also involves the law offices of Datsopoulos, McDonald and Lind.

"[Datsopoulos, McDonald and Lind] were mentioned, but the decision took care to specify that the interaction with the law firm was minor," Motl said. "I don't want the law firm's involvement to take attention away from the significant violation that is actually by far the more dominant campaign practice violation."

Commissioner Motl says the "dominant" violation is that the Marie Anderson campaign failed to report and disclose approximately $8,000 in direct mail campaign costs that occurred in a time period that should have been disclosed in a report before the primary election.

Jonathan Motl Interview:

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