Alright kids. We're gonna go see Old Faithful, we're gonna see the bison, the grizzlies, and the wolves, but first, we need to get some virtue signaling in. That's right, grab your Birkenstocks for the BLM rally in Yellowstone.

In case you missed it, The Montana Free Press had an interesting story about a so-called "Black Lives Matter" protest in Yellowstone. The Free Press also noted:

Saturday’s protest took place as conservationists nationwide are reckoning with the environmental movement’s own history of racism. Last week, the Sierra Club announced it is reexamining the history of John Muir, who helped start the organization and played an instrumental role in the conservation movement in the U.S. Muir also perpetuated white supremacy, according to the Sierra Club, and made discriminatory comments about Black and Native people.

Since we're taking down shrines of the Confederacy and symbols of oppression, looks like it is time for the Sierra Club to go.

That's got to be pretty embarrassing for the white liberals virtue signaling at their BLM protest.

By the way, did you hear about the new polling data released by Gallup? As I shared on the radio earlier this week, new data shows that an overwhelming number of Black Americans want the police. (Don't tell that to the white liberals working to defund the police, of course). The Federalist has the news:

Gallup poll released on Wednesday shows that 81 percent of black Americans want the police presence to remain the same or increase in their neighborhood or area. According to the poll, “67 percent of all U.S. adults” also prefer the “status quo” when it comes to local police presence.

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