Supporters of Planned Parenthood gathered outside of Senator Steve Daines’ Billings office on Thursday to deliver close to a thousand signatures urging the Republican Senator to protect access to care at Planned Parenthood. reports that after this week’s failure to pass a Republican alternative to President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Daines stated his support for a straight repeal, even without a replacement in place.


CBO projections indicate 32 millions more Americans would be without any healthcare by 2026 under the GOP-Repeal Only plan– and as unpopular as Obamacare ever was, the repeal-only plan is even less popular.  According to Planned Parenthood advocates, this would adversely affect nearly 15,000 people across Montana.  The delivery of the signatures to Daines’ office was part of nationwide actions directed at lawmakers who voted for plans that would defund Planned Parenthood.

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