Today President Barack Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. He hopes that both the Democratic and Republican parties will come together to support this decision, but he will have a hard time convincing Montana’s Republican delegates.

“President Obama has a history of writing his own rules and ignoring the laws he doesn’t like,” said Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke. “This is clearly beyond his constitutional authority, and I have voted every chance possible to stop him in his tracks. Montana Attorney General Tim Fox has brought cases forward at every opportunity to stop Obama’s Clean Power Plan, WOTUS, and executive amnesty. With this administration’s onerous rules looming in the courts, the severity of the nomination before us can’t be overstated. My colleagues in the Senate have a unique opportunity before them. To the Senate I say: Fully embrace your job. Fully embrace the Constitution and proactively define the criteria for who should fill Justice Scalia’s shoes. They are big shoes to fill, but America did not give us the congressional majority to do small things.”

Montana Senator Steve Daines released the following statement reiterating that the American people should have the opportunity to elect a new President before a new Supreme Court justice is seated:

“The replacement of Justice Scalia will have far-reaching impacts on our country for a generation,” said Daines. “The American people have already begun voting on who the next President will be and their voice should continue to be reflected in a process that will have lasting implications on our nation. The U.S. Senate should exercise its constitutional powers by not confirming a new Supreme Court justice until the American people elect a new President and have their voices heard. I will oppose any hearing or votes for President Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court.”

Tester said that although the Legislators have the right to vote no on a candidate that is not qualified, to not hold a vote at all would be a dereliction of duty.

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