Remember how the protesters at the Montana Liberty Rally in Helena were mocked back in April? If the big box stores could be open, why can't the mom and pop shops also open up, they asked. And for protesting at the state capitol, they were met with tweets like these from the liberals on the Montana Politics hashtag (#MTPol):


The liberal blogger from The Montana Post added a photo from the rally, and asked this: "Which one of these people will be patient zero in their county?"  

Of course the spike in COVID cases following the Liberty Rally, and the spike in COVID cases from opening up more of our economy never happened in Montana. Rep. Daniel Zolnikov (R-Billings) pointed out the obvious hypocrisy from the liberal Left in a recent Facebook post:

These protestors were called stupid, selfish and un-American for not following CDC guidelines and for putting health care workers lives at risk. People deemed that the right to protest was not nearly as important as the safety of others.

Now that protests are erupting around the nation, I have not seen one statement about the importance of staying home due to the virus, the lack of social distancing or CDC guidelines.






Hundreds of peaceful demonstrators turned out in front of Montana's State Capitol calling for the governor to end the shutdown of small businesses across the state.

Anne Cameron was one of the event organizers for the Montana Liberty Rally in Helena. She gave some very well-delivered remarks to the Montana Television Network's Alexie Aguayo:

ANNE CAMERON: Every business is essential to somebody...every business. You give guidelines and recommendations for Wal Mart, for Target, for Costco to follow these social distancing guidelines. Why wasn't the same opportunity presented to small businesses?

Others attending the rally said they wanted to show up at the capitol to express their dissatisfaction for how Governor Steve Bullock (D-MT) is handling the shutdown.

Full video:


Here's another report from ABC Fox Montana and Cowles Media. The Helena Independent Record has photos from the rally. The IR also added:

Cassie Butler, a member of Butte High School's senior class of 2020, made the drive to Helena with her mother. Butler carried a sign around the Capitol that read "Free the class of 2020!"

The Great Falls Tribune interviewed Montanans who showed up from all over the state, including:

Dick McLean came 200 miles from Havre to support small business. He said it was unfair to let some businesses stay open and force others to close.

For those who couldn't make it to Helena, several also turned out for a "Cowboy Church Service" and shutdown protest at the Metra in Billings. The Billings Gazette has photos from the event, and KTVQ-TV's David Jay notes:

Around 100 vehicles showed up for the service.

Those attending want to support small businesses and bring back jobs.

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