Hey Whitefish peeps. You remember that racist, neo-Nazi Richard Spencer guy who was giving your beautiful town all those bad headlines? Did you hear that he endorsed Joe Biden for president?

You didn't? Wait, you mean all of those media outlets, who wanted everybody across the country to think that all of you fine folks who lived in Whitefish were a bunch of racist nutjobs, didn't even bother to update you on the fact that Spencer endorsed Joe Biden?

Mark Levin took note, and WENT OFF on Biden on Fox News:

You know when our president, Donald Trump, was asked about David Duke, he denounced David Duke, he denounced David Duke, they gave it -- David Duke endorsed you, what do you think about that? He denounced it, he denounced it, over and over and over again in 2016.

Richard Spencer is bigger than David Duke in the crackpot, subhuman white supremacist movement and Biden's not asked once what he thinks about that.

And of course that was over 3 weeks ago when news first came out that Spencer was endorsing Biden. Levin added this on his nationally syndicated radio show, according to a rough transcript:

Ladies and gentlemen. One of the as I understand it, so-called leaders of the white supremacist neo-Nazi movement is name, as I believe, Richard Spencer. He endorsed. Biden. He endorsed Joe Biden. He’s at Trump’s been a miserable failure, his party’s a miserable failure. I’m endorsing Joe Biden. So listen to the question. White supremacy. They clearly love you and support you. Do you welcome that? Honest to God, what kind of question is this? I mean, Palestinian terrorists clearly like Joe Biden. They do. Hamas prefers Joe Biden. Abbas prefers Joe Biden. The genocidal communist regime in China.


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