"Can a guy in a MAGA hat get a date in Missoula? Would anyone buy a woman in a pu**y hat a drink in Jordan?" That was the opening line in this intriguing report by Kristin Inbody with The Great Falls Tribune.

Here's what's really interesting. When it comes to the question of- who are the most politically intolerant Montanans- who do you think would fit the bill? Would it be the folks out in rural Jordan, Montana, or the folks in the urban, cosmopolitan city of Missoula?

According to data compiled by The Atlantic magazine, and reported on by Inbody- it is the urban, liberal counties in Montana that are also the most intolerant- politically at least.

That also backs up data seen at the national level, as The Daily Caller points out with this headline and story- THE ATLANTIC: THE MOST POLITICALLY INTOLERANT AMERICANS ARE OLDER WHITE LIBERALS

The Daily Caller points out:

While the piece did not explicitly label this group as “liberal,” several indications bear this out, such as the “highly educated” description (54 percent of college graduates at least lean Democratic), the fact that the vast majority of “urban” voters tend to be Democrats, and the known political leanings of the areas the research itself draws from, such as Massachusetts.

We chatted with Kristin Inbody about this story on Montana Talks with Aaron Flint. Click below for the audio:


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