BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — The National Transportation Safety Board released an initial report that provides details but not the cause of a Montana airplane crash that killed four men.

The NTSB is expected to release a second report with more facts within 18 months of the Jan. 11 crash between Billings and Roundup, The Billings Gazette reports.

There was no fire and no explosion as a result of the crash near Dunn Mountain, the report said.

The pilot of the Cessna 182 airplane planned a recreational flight from Billings with intermediate stops in Hardin and Roundup, according to a family member interviewed by the agency.

The report does not name the pilot, but Yellowstone County Sheriff Mike Linder previously identified the pilot as Dr. David Healow.

Healow died in the crash along with passengers Rusty Jungels, Mikel Peterson and Raymond Rumbold.

The crash is believed to have occurred around 6 p.m. The Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office was contacted about an overdue aircraft and began searching for the plane that night.

Linder reached the crash site the next morning by helicopter and found no one alive.

A diagram included in the report shows the main wreckage of the plane located about 1,450 feet from where it struck a wire and a radio tower, which was “marked by several bent cross members,” the report said.

Sections of the left wing were found north of the tower. The remainder of the left wing was found about 1,100 feet away, and a “ground scar” from the crash began about 100 feet from where the remainder of the left wing was found.

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