After four years of figuring out how to get bike racks into the MetraPark campus, the project is now complete.  The vision for the installation of bike racks at MetraPark was the brainchild of Robin Hanel. A year after the tornado in 2010, Hanel organized and pulled off the "Twister Two Mile Run" at the rebuilt MetraPark.

Hanel asked that all proceeds go towards bike racks scattered throughout the campus.  As of June 17, Billings TrailNet and Yellowstone County installed 16 new bike racks.  MetraPark and Yellowstone County provided the extra money to complete the project.

bike rack
Larry Wilson, Townsquare Media

Many of our Billings trails end at MetraPark and Billings TrailNet board member, Kevin Odenthal said, "If you only have trails and no place to park, it doesn't do much good."

Stuart Simonson at Montana Cycling donated the cool-looking racks to Billings TrailNet for the MetraPark project.

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