If we truly want to talk about justice, whether it be economic justice, or Justice for George Floyd- don't we need to have real conversations about who actually controls the cities like Minneapolis, the city where George Floyd was killed?

That was my reaction after walking through the protests in Billings, Montana on Sunday afternoon. Some protesters responded to a pickup truck with a Trump flag by chanting "F" Donald Trump, even though Joe Biden voted for the 1994 Crime Bill, and Trump delivered on criminal justice reform long sought by many in the black community.

Well, if "white silence equals violence" then lets have a real conversation about who controls the cities like Minneapolis.

We were able to do just that with Amity Shlaes, the author of “Great Society: a New History.” She's also a former Wall Street Journal editorial board member, and chair of the Calvin Coolidge Foundation.


Check out the full audio below.

Amity Shlaes on Montana Talks: 

The Great Society: A New History with Amity Shlaes via The Hoover Institution:


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