Citizens had the opportunity to comment on a smoking and vaping restriction at RiverStone Health on Wednesday.  The proposal would mean no smoking within 30 feet of a building and moving electronic nicotine delivery systems into the same category as tobacco cigarettes. reports that RiverStone Health is now proposing Rule 7 to meet state Clean Indoor Air Act standards.

People on all sides of the issue spoke out. RiverStone Health calls second hand smoke “an affirmative danger to health.”  Opponents say E-cigarettes are not as harmful as tobacco, the rule would be difficult to enforce and would hurt businesses.  Proponents say that while E-cigarettes, or “vaping” eliminates the smoke, it is still a delivery system for addictive nicotine, and perhaps as harmful.

Public health advocates suggest that all types of cigarette use should be kept away from non-smokers.

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