While the criminal and personal accusations between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are certainly disturbing, for folks in Ravalli County, it’s a local district judge race that is raising eyebrows. District Judge Candidate Robert Myers, is accusing his opponent, Jeff Langton of a series of crimes, including the purchase of meth from a juvenile. Myers explains

"I have an affidavit from the guy, this guy was 13 and he was selling meth outside of the Rainbow bar in Hamilton, Montana," said Myers. "On three separate occasions Jeff Langton came and offered to buy meth from him. On one of those occasions he didn't have the meth on him, so Langton had him deliver the meth to his house with the kid riding a bicycle. When he gets the the house, he then offers him alcohol."

Myers says that there is more than one witness to the incident and that charges were never brought because the juveniles were afraid and that now the statute of limitations has run out. He has sent KGVO an affidavit, allegedly signed by the accuser Rex Walker, who is no longer a juvenile. The affidavit is included in a link at the bottom of this post.

"If you got a kid where the judge is literally sitting in charge of his case and can sentence him, he was too afraid to talk about it," Myers said. "A judge can put you in jail, a judge can cause your life harm. Why would you risk it? He's got people out there saying it isn't valid and things like that, but I have yet to see anyone there at the scene who can deny it."

Myers doesn’t stop there, he is also accusing Jeff Langton of cocaine use and of not recusing himself from overseeing a criminal case in which a personal sexual partner of Langton’s was the victim.

Langton denies the charges and says Myers attacks are a 'smear job,' follow this link to read Langton's reply.

Photo courtesy of te Robert Myers for Judge Facebook page
Photo courtesy of te Robert Myers for Judge Facebook page


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