When Rush Limbaugh mentions Montana in his radio show, don’tcha just love it?

I was just wrapping up the workday at KBUL, focused on the task at hand, with Rush on the air in the studio, when suddenly he said “Montana.”

I perked up like a prairie dog out of a hole.  What’s this about Montana?

Rush mentioned 60 percent support for Donald Trump in rural areas, and I was on the computer instantly to learn more.

In an article Jonathan Easley wrote for The Hill, he references a research survey sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers and a group associated with former Democrat Senator Heidi Heitkamp (ND), that 60% of rural voters in nine states, including Montana, approve of the job Donald Trump is doing, and 55% give him a favorable rating.

While granted, the numbers by themselves are not much of a majority, they are a stark difference when compared to the national numbers. Nationally, his job approval has hovered in the high 30s to low 40s, and the article breaks it all down demographically with no real surprises. Folks in Montana and other open-country states do not reflect the overall population of the country, just as no other state does either.

So why such a difference?

Those four Trump rallies in 2018 may have had something to do with these numbers. Perhaps his handle on the economy and trade, and illegal immigration is seen as mostly favorable in Big Sky Country. Maybe because he is such a thorn to the establishment and to the media?

Here is another clear reason to keep the Electoral College. If we went to a national popular vote for the President, do you really think a 55-60% job approval here in spacious rural Montana would matter A HILL OF BEANS to the campaigners or to urbanites?

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