I saw it again, so I am going to bring it up again.

I was driving around last week when we saw a school bus and noticed something that didn't seem right.

The bus was making a left hand turn from Main Street onto Aronson Avenue, where we had just come from. We noticed that there were a number of kids that were kind of jumping around and a couple that were running down the aisle as the bus was in motion.

Below is a picture from Google Maps of the intersection:

Google Maps
Google Maps

From my vantage point, I did not see a bus aide and I didn't see the bus driver saying anything to the kids.

This is a safety hazard. Not only is it a distraction to any bus driver trying to maintain safe operation but it can also be an even bigger hazard to kids committing these acts or worse.

From my understanding there have never been seat belts in school buses.

If I drive in my personal vehicle with my kids not wearing seat belts, then I get a ticket or even worse. Why is there no requirement for passengers to wear a seat belt while riding a school bus?

To me, it's the same thing. They are both moving vehicles on public roadways with other motorists around. I don't believe our kids are more safe on a bus on Billings' roads.

What is your take? Do you think Billings should require buses to have seat belts? 406-248-5665


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