If you own a business, signing up for Smart 9-1-1 for Business is essential if your business is ever robbed, or there is a fire.

Over 2,300 Missoula families have signed up for Smart 9-1-1, but now, emergency preparedness officials are encouraging businesses all over the county to take advantage of the free service Smart 9-1-1 For Business.

Programs Coordinator for the Missoula County Office of Emergency Management Nick Holloway said the program for businesses is called Smart 9-1-1 Facility.

"It's an emergency preparedness tool for businesses," Holloway said. "You go online to Smart 9-1-1 Facility and you follow the directions they give you. You just fill in the information they ask. They could be Knocks Box numbers, definitely your 24-7 contact numbers, building layouts, just any information that could help a first responder."

Holloway emphasized the point that Smart 9-1-1 Facility will also enhance security for surrounding properties.

"If there is an emergency situation at one business, we can contact adjacent businesses and let those owners know there's a problem and if necessary, let us in so that we can help with the problem. Otherwise, we might have to break down doors or windows, and that's exactly what we don't want to do."

To sign up for Smart 9-1-1 Facility, click here.


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