With all of the focus on foreign interference in elections, would charges be filed against Jim Messina, the former chief of staff to Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) and campaign manager for President Barack Obama?

That's the question raised in this piece in The American Thinker by Gary Gindler:

What will Obama's Deep State do if Israel and the United Kingdom officially file charges against one of Obama's lieutenants, Jim Messina, for precisely the same interference (and with the same result) in the democratic elections as what the Russians did?

For more background on Team Obama's involvement...er- interference...in foreign elections, The Financial Times has a story on the scrutiny placed on Messina following the latest UK elections. Below that story is an excerpt from a New York Times piece on another Team Obama alum who tried to oust one of America's greatest allies- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In the past year, Mr Messina has been a paid consultant to three disastrous electoral forays: David Cameron’s campaign for the UK to remain in the EU, Matteo Renzi’s Italian constitutional reform effort, and Theresa May’s Conservative general election campaign. His company, the Messina Group, was paid £276,000 by the Remain campaign, and a reported €400,000 for its Italian work. It is not clear how much Mr Messina was paid for his most recent work for the Tories.

Jeremy Bird, the architect of the grass-roots and online organizing efforts that powered President Obama’s presidential campaigns from Chicago, is advising a similar operation in Tel Aviv. But this time it is focused on ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.


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