What you are about to read is all theory and speculation from political pundits. This is not based on anything Liz Cheney has said. 

I was reading a conservative blog post this morning about the Democrats second stab at impeachment of trump when I came across a line that rather surprised me:

"We’ll see what Cheney does. She’s been outspoken in the last few days about how disgusting the attack was, but asking her to support a Pelosi initiative to remove a sitting Republican president is asking a lot." (HotAirBlog).

I know not everyone agrees with me when I say that I do like Liz for her independent nature. She actually thinks for herself, says what she believes, and does what she thinks is right. She is not in anyone's pocket. But I'm not sure if the pundits have this one right.

The bloggers go on with their speculation:

In theory, voting yes could be good for her politically: Having someone at the top of the caucus who showed courage in punishing Trump would be a cheap and easy way for the rest of the House GOP to launder its own complicity in Trump’s coup effort. (HotAirBlog).

Good for her politically? I don't think they know the people of Wyoming. If she voted to impeach she would face backlash from the voters like this state has never seen before.

It is true that Liz voted in favor of the electoral college vote county while other Republicans were objecting to it. She came on my program and explained why she thought she needed to vote the way that she did. I did not agree with her argument, but I do understand how she came to her decision. But that does not mean she would vote for impeachment.

Whenever they’re called to account for it in the future, they could say, “Liz Cheney voted for impeachment and we made her Speaker, didn’t we?” Besides, Trump already hates her. She’s not going to earn any MAGA brownie points by wimping out on impeachment now. (HotAirBlog).

I like to consider myself a fair man. I read this speculation and decided that these people writing this post are emotional and in a bit of a panic. If they want to know how Liz Cheney will vote, and why, just ask her. 

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